Friday, December 22, 2006

My Recruiting Firm: Network and Computer Security Sales

My firm is a search and placement firm specializing in computer and network security 1. Sales, 2. Sales Engineering (SE) and 3. Product Management (PM). But here's the real deal: the only reason any of these three are a focus is because that is where the market has pushed us. These are what companies are in need of, so these are the areas we recruit. Company need (or at least perceived need) drives our efforts.

When someone asks me, "what is the market like these days?", I can answer from my own perspective, which is the market of candidates by companies; not the market for security products or solutions by businesses or individuals. Keeping this in mind, I can say that the need for people who know what they are doing in the security Sales, SE and PM realms is very high, and in my opinion will get tighter -- and I suspect this is the same for a number of technological niches. Although it's a candidate-centric market now, it's about to become a candidate-scarce market. And this is why I will have a job for the foreseeable future (yay).

If you are worth your salt in the security realm, the world should be your oyster. If it isn't, lets talk. If you are representing a company not seeing the kinds of people you should be seeing, let's talk. After I have talked to both of you, I'll create an introduction. :-)

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