Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Up to $9 Million investment available for Computer and Network Security Start-up(s)

The InfoSec Group is working with a private investor with up to $9 million available to fund a computer and network security start-up(s) with at least some traction in the market.

Here are some of the criteria:

  • Revolutionary technology; no "me too" products or services
  • Has some traction in the marketplace with actual sales
  • The larger the average deal size, the better
  • Company should be willing to bring on VP Sales (and possibly CEO) with mutual agreement of both the company and the investor *

Any leads, folks? (Please see comments for more details)

* The investor already has someone in mind for the VP Sales, a very high performer from the computer and network security space.

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Computer and Network Security Sales, Engineering and Product Managment Blog said...

More info:

Current deal sizes should be around $100K+, and ideally $200K or more. The reason is that the new VP Sales (or VP Business Development, etc) brought aboard is going to increase that deal size, hopefully toward $1 million.

The product itself could be either an established, but robust product -- or it could be with a company operating out of its garage and people are knocking on door to buy it. Either way, not looking for a "me too" product.

The Return On Investment (ROI) for the customers should be large, the larger the better.

The executive (open to title: VP Sales, VP Business Development, CEO -- doesn't really matter) that is included with this package has the capability selling into large Fortune 500 companies. If the product is selling to Small Medium Businesses (SMBs), then this is the wrong fit.

So to sum up about what is needed to be a fit:
-- Unique product needed, no "me too"s
-- Deal size should be at least $100K+
-- Product has capacity to be sold into F500 market
-- Needs high ROI for purchasing entity